One of my favorite ways to spend a vacation is mountain biking. The good news is that, these days, you can get great mountain bike tours in amazing locations all over the world and most can be tailored to suit your level of experience, so whether you are a novice or more experienced rider there will be a package suitable for you. 

The great thing about a mountain bike tour is that it can be the final destination of a vacation or simply an exciting addition to your family holiday. Did I say families – that’s right, families can also enjoy a healthy mountain bike tour, and, again, these days you can find almost as many tours that are geared towards the entire family than you can find for dedicated thrill seekers. It is now very easy to find a company that provides mountain bike tours and, as you might expect, there are numerous books that have been written on the subject and which offer great advice on where to go, what you need to take, insurance requirements and so on and there are also a huge number of specialist insurance companies, for example as well as many specialist adventure companies that are located online who provide mountain bike tours. 

Got kids? Great. There are now loads of companies offering  family style mountain bike tours which are geared towards the kids. Many of these tours are run in national parks and preservation areas that families want to go into and explore so, what better way to enjoy some spectacular unspoiled scenery than from the seat of a mountain bike? Family mountain bike tours are designed to instruct and be great fun at the same time. Usually, you find that the tour companies will take along games, coloring books and other kinds of entertainment for the kids which they can enjoy during the evening hours and, of course, camping tours is also an option and is really great fun. Most of the time the kids can ride their own bikes, ride a trail-along or be pulled in a Burley trailer. The day usually includes a ride for the entire family and then the kids can be taken to the camp site for scavenger hunts, games and other kid oriented activities. The parents can take additional biking tours or can go back to camp with the kids. these kinds bike tours are very family-centric and they are a great way to incorporate both an outdoor adventure for the kids and the parents at the same time. Of course, if you don’t have kids to worry about then there are also loads of awesome mountain bike tours that are designed for the more adventurous among us. 

Such tours are usually offered in more remote areas and they usually head off into fairly extreme off road experiences. They can also be set up to include overnight stays and camping or even include other  adventure sports such as white water rafting or even rock climbing. One company who specializes in this kind of activity are Mountain Motion (www.mountainmotion.co.uk) based just outside of Fort William in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. They can put together  entire package which covers a wide range of activities and interests and result in a unique and amazing experience. For those that truly enjoy the sport of mountain biking, these can be a memorable experience as well as a fantastic vacation. Mountain bike tours are a booming business, and can be located almost anywhere. Many places even rent bikes for the day and help select routes that will interest the mountain bikers. 

Mountain bike tours are definitely a fun alternative to the everyday vacation and can bring a whole new perspective to a family trip.

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